Inside the Changi Airport

I think that the Changi Airport is one of the swankiest airports in the world. I wish I took more pictures but I traveled alone so it was difficult on my part. Packing light was never really my thing so I had to check my stuffs all the time.

Anyway…inside the Changi Airport, I found this baby…

This is inside the Changi Airport

This is inside the Changi Airport

Nice, ey? I really had to take a picture. Thank God that I found a Filipino family inside the airport. They were kind of nice to let me tag along with them as I wait for my flight.

My baggages.

My baggages.

Here are some of my baggages. I almost forgot to bring some of them with me. I was so thankful that I looked back before I left or else I would have arrived in Manila with missing baggages!!!

TRIVIA: I often get paranoid that my baggages won’t arrive with me. I’ve always been scared that they will be loaded to a different flight. I don’t like waiting beside the conveyor belt. I’m avoiding this particular scenario:

Michi (Waiting for her baggages through the conveyor belt. Feeling the anxiety because people are leaving one by one. Everybody has left except for her. The conveyor belt finally stopped.): Uh-oh. Gotta talk to someone.

Airport Officer: Alright ma’m, we’ll check your baggage stub blah-blah-blah… (After several phone calls…) We’ve located your baggage and it is on its way to Spain!

Michi: What the (toooooooooot)…

There. I don’t like those scenes. Oh, and I also avoid group check-ins. It doesn’t work for me.


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