Haha. Nah. But that commercial is really cute.

Miguela who?

Posted by: Michi | March 7, 2011

What are you most looking forward to right now?

Settling down. 🙂

Miguela who?

Posted by: Michi | January 26, 2011

Do you really know YOU? (My psychotic friend asked me)

Let’s just say that I’m still getting-to-know me.

Miguela who?

Posted by: Michi | January 26, 2011

GQ: Are you in love?


Miguela who?

Posted by: Michi | October 6, 2010

Wake me up when September ends.

I guess that person is already up as the Big October is now here.

This month, we’ll start to decorate our home for the Halloween. It’s fun! I guess we also have to decorate the condo so that’s an additional work load. I’ll post some pictures once everything’s settled already.

It’s been raining a lot recently. My trip to Tagaytay last Friday took a sudden detour because of the fog that enveloped the city’s highest peak. It was beautiful and I wish someone could have taken a photo of me being engulfed by the fog.

The city during a regular day.

Posted by: Michi | September 10, 2010


Baby Angel and Michi

Isn’t she the cutest baby?

Posted by: Michi | September 8, 2010

Wanderlust: HK

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Posted by: Michi | September 8, 2010

Welcome, BER Season!

Wow. It’s been how many since months since I posted something decent here. That’s how crazy my life has been during the past few months. Can’t even blog or twit. Even my tumblr account is behind!

It’s the BER season already! I woke up and felt the BER breeze kissing my skin. It’s awesome. For a tropical country like ours, you don’t really need to stack up on jackets or sweaters but this season is definitely a good excuse to buy cute cardigans and smokin’ jackets.

While scouting for a good cardigan, I chanced upon Listerine’s Mouthacular show at ATC. I was getting out of the car when I heard this group singing. They were too good to pass so my sister and I stopped and watched as they wowed the audience with their vocal prowess. Amazing, amazing.

Listerine's Mouthacular event at ATC

I’ve always been attracted to boys who can sing…or boys in the band! You gotta love ’em band boys! Lol.

Alrightie, I think this is all I have for today. I have to drink my Milo. 😉

Posted by: Michi | August 11, 2010

It must be the weather.

I disappointed myself today and a few people disappointed me as well. This is a weird post as I currently listen to “The Secret” audiobook. This is one fat piece of irony.

While I try to perfect my formula in this so-called work, I can’t help but encounter a lot of faux pas along the way. It’s normal, I know, but it also leaves a spot on my reputation and my professionalism. It’s trial and error but there are no “deletes” and “backspaces.” It feels different as I felt on top of my game with my previous jobs.

Today felt different.

Today, I felt like an epic fail… a newbie…an amateur. It’s frustrating and I am rethinking about this path. I hope the wind blows differently tomorrow.


Thank you, Joyce, for making me feel a LOT better. You saved my sanity today.

Posted by: Michi | August 8, 2010


Why hello there, WordPress!

I’m still alive. Just out of touch.

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