Posted by: Michi | August 11, 2010

It must be the weather.

I disappointed myself today and a few people disappointed me as well. This is a weird post as I currently listen to “The Secret” audiobook. This is one fat piece of irony.

While I try to perfect my formula in this so-called work, I can’t help but encounter a lot of faux pas along the way. It’s normal, I know, but it also leaves a spot on my reputation and my professionalism. It’s trial and error but there are no “deletes” and “backspaces.” It feels different as I felt on top of my game with my previous jobs.

Today felt different.

Today, I felt like an epic fail… a newbie…an amateur. It’s frustrating and I am rethinking about this path. I hope the wind blows differently tomorrow.


Thank you, Joyce, for making me feel a LOT better. You saved my sanity today.


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