Posted by: Michi | April 20, 2010

26 years of lies

It was almost unreal.

During our recent trip to Tagaytay, I met this lovely momma. She’s in her 50’s already. Fine lines and wrinkles were a bit evident in her face- the marks of being aged gracefully, I should say. She dressed better than the other mothers and she spoke differently as well.

As she filled out the registration form, she turned to me and asked whether she can answer “I don’t know” to the part which asked for the husband’s occupation. Believe me, I’ve met a lot of “mrs.” with dysfunctional families and off-the-cliff marriages but nothing prepared me for her story.

While her mother was in the death bed, she pleaded for her to gather information regarding her husband. Although she was a bit baffled and anxious, she already knew that something was being “kept.” She hired investigators from the NBI and was delivered the shock of her life. Twenty-six years into their marriage, she found out that her husband- a pastor, has five wives/ girlfriends. And just like that, the seemingly “venerated” pastor turned into a monster. As she confronted her husband, he immediately turned into a someone she’s never known before. He said painful and disgusting things like, “Next time, I’ll try a man for a change” and “I’ll run naked and burn the Bible.”

I was speechless as she shared the story. “Crazy prick,” I told myself. And just as I thought I had the surprise of the day already, she went on and told me that she’s still in the marriage and that her husband is actually with some Arabian dudes…and blahblah*here’s the part where I felt dizzy and didn’t get anything*

I’m still processing it right now. Maybe, it will be very easy for me to say that what her husband did was soo crazy and that staying in the marriage is way beyond that. It will be easy for me to judge. But I’m not in the position to do that. So, yeah, while I continue to process the craziness, I’ll be praying that this momma gets through and rise above it.


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