Posted by: Michi | April 5, 2010

She’s in the Big Blue Sky

I never really knew her. My dad says that the shopaholic inside us came from her.  Some people say that it’s the charm and flair. Others pinpoint the love for books and education.

She used to be an educator- a stylish one, at that. I often hear stories of how mataray she was and how she fought for her beliefs. They say that she’s kindhearted and beautiful. It is an honor when people compare the two of us.

When she succumbed to Cancer three months after my birth, there were a lot of pain left and questions unanswered. I think that some of the people closest to her still bear that pain.

I think that there will be a party filled with pretty things had she been alive. I only saw her through pictures, cards and little notes here and there. I wish I had a chance to get to know her. I would have loved her to see me grow up.

For Gloria De Borja Arcangel, my grandmother. Happy Birthday.


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