Posted by: Michi | March 31, 2010

Superheroes need someone, too.

There was a time when I had to take care of myself and give way to my dreams more than how I really should. It was because of an uncontrollable situation which people didn’t get a chance to fully understand. It appeared to be a selfish act when it really was done for self-preservation- a very sensitive topic which cannot be handled by immature minds. I kept my guards up- way up, and because of this, I didn’t give other people a chance to get in or I let people down that they actually want out.

Things got better after a very long haul. By this time, I promised to be a better person/ friend to others. I tried to keep a small inner circle but still remained sociable and friendly.

Now, I can say that I go the extra mile for people. But then in the past couple of weeks, when there were little troubles or hassles, I realized that there were, maybe, one or two people who really go the extra mile for me and that in the end, it’s always my mum or my dad who I can really turn to. It’s starting to frustrate me. Eventhough I have this superhero complex, well, this just in: I AM STILL HUMAN…and humans get tired, too.



  1. hi michi! why, ganito ung mood ko when i talked to Him…di ko pa nkukwento sau, we talked. It felt good.

  2. Hi Ate! I think HE really has a certain power. Although may times na parang hindi ko Siya maramdaman. Well, siguro kasi ang gulo din kasi ng loob ko kaya hindi ko Siya marinig. Kwento mo sakin.

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