Posted by: Michi | February 19, 2010

To My Momma, on her 44th Birthday!

Time flies fleetingly, for sure.

I have been crazy busy lately. And by that I mean I tend to forget about time…forget about lunch…and forget that I had been on my feet for hours. Busy. Busy. Busy Bee.

Thinking about my pending responsibilities is enough to keep my mind at work. I think I’m still sane but I really wish to finally get them over and done with. Busy. Busy. Busy Bee.

And so I’ll start updating my blog by turning back time and playing February 14 back. Valentine’s Day! I know that it’s kinda overrated for some but it’s my Mum’s birthday so it means a lot to me. There, there. Enough of the chitchat. Here are the highlights of Mum’s birthday!

Birthday Cakes

Queen Mummy

I got this cake for her- Roses and Kisses 😉

Mum, Chini and our dog Nikolai

From my sister, Mick

From Chini 😉


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