Posted by: Michi | February 1, 2010

Seasons of Love

The first of February. It’s the most pressing time of the year.

I saw Edge’s Facebook status today and I couldn’t help but react. He said, “Pebrero na. Marami na naman ang napi-pressure sa pag-ibig.” (It’s already February. Many are pressured with the idea of love.) The long thread after his status can attest that many people were hit bull’s eye by his statement.

This season reveals a lot about a person.

“Love is in the air…and I don’t care!” – Bitter

“Season of love? It really is JUST February.” – Jaded

“I will celebrate this V-day with my family and friends. This season is not just for the couples. It’s about universal love.” – Somewhere in between selfless or dateless.

“I wonder what my man’s gonna give me this time.” – Bordering from a gold-digger to someone who uses material bliss to show or receive love.

Okay, I’m just kidding. But kudos to those who have their V-days all planned out. As for me, I’d like to thank my mum for being delivered into this world during a very special day. With or without a date, I always have a reason to celebrate. But, God-willing, I hope someone will sweep me off my feet. 😉


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