Posted by: Michi | January 26, 2010

Oh that Sunday

After days of succumbing to sad thoughts, I tried to turn things around by making myself feel good. And by that, I mean a beauty retreat. I know, I know. It’s a superficial way of healing but, hey, it’s a good start.

There’s nothing like a diamond peel from Clarity to kick things off! Through the Belle de Jour Planner,  I was able to get 50% discount. Not to mention, Clarity also offers 50% off for early morning bookings. Top that!

It was a good 30-minute, no fuss, no pain treatment. The sofa bed was very comfy and the mood was calming as well. Ms. KC was accommodating and efficient. I had so many questions but not once did she get irate. Aside from her, the rest of Healthway staff were also service-oriented. I like that!

After my treatment, I picked my sister up from Powerbooks and then we headed at White Hat for our Frozen Yogurt. Yum! Again, thanks to BDJ, we were able to avail a buy one, take one deal from White Hat! Cool!

After our morning trip at Alabang, we drove down south for a Baptismal Ceremony wherein yours truly was a “Godmother.” Seriously, everyone was asking me the dreaded question of the century- “Are you married?” Politely, I’d answer, “I feel too young for marriage.” And then pose a curt smile.

While I thought everyone had gone back to their own businesses, they managed to make one last “hirit” as I bid farewell. They said, “Oh, please don’t forget to invite us on your wedding day.” Of course, I said, “Yes.”


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