Posted by: Michi | January 22, 2010

For L

I love you. Really. I just stopped showing it.

Maybe, loving you from a distance will eventually allow me to start all over again. Because when you’re far, I have more chances of loving and putting myself first before anyone else…before you, specifically. I’ll pull myself together. I don’t know when, that’s for sure. But when I start gathering the pieces back, trust me, I won’t turn back.

I feel the remorse right now. I want you to feel the pain that you’ve inflicted upon me. That’s wrong, I know. And I’m usually kinder than this. But I’m in deep pain for the longest time now and I can’t help it if I feel extremely mad. I want to say, “Okay, I forgive you. Be happy.” But then my heart really screams, “Fuck you! Go to hell, loser!”



  1. i heart this.
    i admire you dun sa determination na maging ok…sa mga ginagawa mo to be ok…
    -te isyel

    • Aw, thanks Ate Chelle. One day at a time. Hugs.

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