Posted by: Michi | January 10, 2010

An obligatory post.

Okay. I just had to do a quick blog about this. Haha.

Over the holidays, my parents (most especially my dad) plagued me with relationship-related questions. Actually, most of them were leading to the L issue so there were times when I’d tell them to quit it. I am touched by their concern. Really, I am but there’s no way that I can handle their “get-married-when you turn-25” talk.

Dad: You should get married and have a baby by the time you turn 25.

Michi: Dad…25? I’m still watching cartoons by that time.

Dad: Well, that’s good. Go watch a cartoon with your baby.

Michi: Um, I’m thinking of 30’s as my marrying age, you know?

Mum: Oh no. Please. That’ll be pretty difficult.

25?? That’s like two years from now and I don’t even have a sane relationship as we speak. And so I have decided to allow myself to date again, okay, maybe meet more people…men to be specific? Err. I am going nowhere with this one. So, yeah. Let’s do this.


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