Posted by: Michi | January 7, 2010

To someone…

If I hit the “confirm” button, chances are, the world will be a tad too smaller for me. It’s not you, really. But YOUR people and MINE belong into two separate kingdoms. One common ground like Facebook will make life a little too rowdy for me.

If I hit “yes,” we will be a crowd inside a box. And I will have to be a claustrophobic. Unfortunately. We all know that it won’t be good so let’s just say that for now, I can’t afford to create my personalized irony. No. I don’t want to be the first person to open the door that I have been shutting for quite some time now.

So please bare with me if I will hit “ignore” or maybe just leave the request hanging for awhile. It’s not that I’m saying “no.” It’s more like I just can’t say “yes” right now.



  1. michi, is this Him?

    • Hi ate! Hindi naman siya. Pero someone related to him.

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