Posted by: Michi | December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It was a Christmas unlike any other. More than the illuminations and decors, I was greatly overwhelmed by the kind and loving spirit that people showed during the holidays. Such spirit maybe difficult to find after all the tragedies and disasters that bequeathed the Filipinos.

Last December 22, our company opted to share our blessings instead of the usual grand Christmas party. It was our way of “thanksliving.” For three hours, our company entertained and, hopefully, eased the pain of some 30 patients battling the big “C.”

December 24.

The holiday spirit got into me. BIG TIME. And so I became Santa Michi for a day. Yes, I was Ms. Merry and Bright, giving gifts and spreading the love to relatives and acquaintances. The feeling was extraordinary.

December 25.

Christmas Day went by really fast. There was no shortage of kids and, err, adults who were going from one house to another. In one day, the money and coins that we prepared were all gone. And the two plastic bags filled with cookies and chips were rammed in less than an hour. How groovy is that?

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Time!

My cousins, Trish and Julliana, giving some gifts to kids.

This Christmas was probably the most memorable so far…mainly because of the heart and spirit that went with it. Happy Holidays!


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