Posted by: Michi | December 4, 2009

’tis the season to be merry

Oh, hello December!

As I went home the other night, I was greeted by the opening of our barangay’s “Christmas Arc.” The streets were almost closed and fireworks were all set for a brief display. And as I set foot on our garden, I noticed that mum’s Christmas trinkets were already in place. The cool breeze made its presence known and the chimes did its thing. December, you’re here.

Speakers on. Music. Play. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Christmas season can be pretty melancholic but I’m still on the “merry” side of things. I believe that there’s a certain atmosphere during this season that allows people to be nicer or extra-giving and loving. Beyond the Christmas shopping and holiday rush is remembering what the Yule season is all about. It’s the time of counting our blessings and giving thanks. Recently, I wrote an editorial for our company’s newsletter about the concept of “thanksliving.” It is basically “gratitude in action” or paying forward. Though its concept transcends beyond seasons or events, I feel that it is a very nice thing to highlight during Christmas time. It just fits right in after all the events that recently happened in our country.

And so for this month, I will highlight the holiday spirit and all things Christmas-y… Filipino-style, definitely! So, there. Cheers for now and Happy December!



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