Posted by: Michi | November 14, 2009

Workaholic much?

No, I am not a workaholic.

It’s just that ever since the internal battle to get rid of “the boy” began, I try to avoid “packets of free time.” Yes, the agonizing minutes and hours of useless musings about the nameless nemesis. For someone like me who’s trying to avoid a certain individual, free time is the greatest enemy. I have a very active mind, and minutes without much action would result in deep pondering and inquiring.

It just so happened that my way of filling these “packets of free time” is income generating as well. My schedule sounds really crazy and the physical stress is truly intense. However, no amount of physical stress could surpass the emotional torture that constant pondering and questioning bring. For now, I’ll go for the latter (physical stress) and hope that weekend massages, exercise, vitamins and other R&R would do the trick.

With what’s happening recently, I’ll actually be forced to rearrange my schedule…probably my life as well (laughs).

I’m a little worried about spontaneity though. Yes, I now have this habit of keeping an eye on time. But I don’t want to think about it. For now, I’ll just roll with the punches and keep everything on the dot.


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