Posted by: Michi | November 5, 2009

This girl’s crazy craving for 2010 planners

Michi Arcangel is: looking forward to get her Belle de Jour 2010 Planner and the much coveted Starbucks 2010 planner which comes in three SUPER designs.

I already received an e-mail from the BDJ Circle. Fortunately, I was able to order before November 2 so they gave me a 5% discount. And since I’m also a member of the BDJ Circle, I got another 5% discount plus free shipping of my planner. How cool is that?

For their 2010 planner, Belle de Jour’s inspiration is Asian Chic, I guess.


BDJ 2010

Here's the Belle De Jour 2010 planner

The increasing numbers of coffeeholics during this time of the year only means  one thing- The Starbucks 2010 Planner. I need to collect 17 stickers before January 6, 2010 in order to claim my limited edition planner. *Love me? Get me one.* (Laughs)


Planner 2010

Ready to get these babies? 😉

Inside Edition

This is a slight glimpse of what's inside...

According to what I’ve read, I have to get 9 stickers from the Starbucks Holiday Featured Package and 8 stickers from beverages of my choice.

The collecting starts in




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