Posted by: Michi | November 3, 2009

Conversations Part Deux


L: Have I told you that I’m under probation this semester?

Michi: Nope. You didn’t tell me that.

L: There’s an evaluation per year. You should have a 2.0 GWA or else they’ll kick you out.

Michi: What were your grades this semester?

L: 2.4. I have a 2.75 and 2.0. Next semester, I must get atleast 1.25 in my 3-unit subject.

Michi: You can do that. Your grades aren’t so bad.

L: Are those okay? They do not appear like a grade of someone who’s taking up a Master’s Degree. You’re living the life, you know? Business. Job. Good grades and others.

Michi: You can do better next time. Your grades will be higher next sem, for sure. High grades? Who? Me? Who told you? Well…there are trade off’s, you know? Some parts are okay…some parts aren’t.

L: Tell me, which part isn’t okay?

Michi: Do you really have to ask? (Deep inside, I was saying this: Because you should know. Supposedly.)

L: What? Tell me.

Michi: Nothing. Really. That’s how life is, right?

L: Come on! What?

Michi: Try to guess. (What I really wanted to say was: Stupid freak. You should know. You caused all these.)

L: I have no idea. You’re family isn’t complete?

Michi: There are things…no, it’s not the one. (Inside: Sheesh. What’s with you? Do you really want to know?)

L: What?!? You want to get married?

Michi: Not really. Don’t mind me. You’ll be confused. (But what I really wanted to say was: Do you know that I want to marry my bestfriend? Duh. Yes, you! Stupid.)

L: Wow. That is complicated.

Michi: Yes, it is. Just like Avril Lavigne’s song- “Complicated.” (Then shifts to another topic.) Have you eaten dinner?

To be continued…


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