Posted by: Michi | November 2, 2009

All Hallows Even

It has been a family tradition to decorate the house with some Halloween designs for the said holiday. Halloween is really an American thing. I mean Filipinos have All Saints Day– that’s our local tradition. However, Halloween is kind of fun too so let’s just say that we joined this American bandwagon as well.

This idea just came to my mum several years ago so we’ve been doing it for quite some time now. I think we’re the only house  in the village who does this. We have had quite an audience every mid of October until the first of November.

Jack O'Lantern

Jack on our window 🙂

The Masks and Jack O'Lantern

The mask in the middle reminds me of the gorry Hollywood killer flicks.

It's witchcraft!


A loud sound triggers Ms. Witch here to do her crazy laugh. Yes, that infamous evil laugh! Bwahahahaha 😉

Some Skeleton Dude

Some scary, and BONEY, creature!

This dude has his thing too! Loud sounds and sudden actions trigger him to jump down and create a scary noise. Be wary! Many have been victimized. We’ve seen “big boys” taken down by Skelly-boy here. Lol.

Mr. Skullman

Skull-face. Get it? Get it?

Mr. Skull-face is such a show off too. He scares people at night because of his battery-operated red eyes.


Yes, even the candles too. Skull-candle! Get it? Get it? 😉 they come!

We just can't get enough!

Yes, we can’t get enough of skulls. Above are skull candles and skull candle holders. I forgot to take pictures of the monster candles. They’re Orange stick candles with embossed waxes of scary creatures. Swanky.

I was still sick-o so parties were out of the question. I wouldn’t want to come as The Virus Lady, right? The pictures below were taken last 2007. You see, last year, I strutted my stuff in San Vicente, Palawan during Halloween.

The Devil Wears Prada!

I look freaky here.

Some scary lady.

She-devil. Rawr.

I am THE DEVIL. Hear me roar! Lol 😉 Happy Halloween, guys!


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