Posted by: Michi | November 1, 2009


M: Hey, you’re alive!

Michi: You’re alive too! How are you?

M: I’m okay. Still handsome.

Michi: Whoa. Lol. What’s up?

M: I’m just in the apartment. Just resting. Sometimes, I entertain my “fans” whenever I have time.

Michi: Wow! You’re living the life.

M: Yup. It’s difficult sometimes. Lol. How are you, school girl? How many boylets do you have now?

Michi: I just got from my class in Diliman. I’m in Manila right now. Please. I have no boylets. How’s your girl?

M: Ahh…She’s okay. How’s “L?”

Michi: Where do you take her during date nights? Lol. “L” seems to be fine.

M: Ahh…We’re not seeing each other anymore. Are you staying in Manila?

Michi: But why? In QC? No. I have a car now. I go back and forth.

M: You’re driving?

Michi: Nah. I have a driver now. I can’t possibly drive in Manila. Are you in Los Baños today?

M: Yup. I’m just in the apartment. Are you looking for “L?” Are you gonna hit him with your car?

Michi: Oh no. You know him. He might be busy right now. I’m already in Manila, not in Quezon City. I’m sick, you know.

M: Lovesick? Lol.

Michi: Ahh…the kind that involves fever. Something like that.

M: Lovesick. Again. Drink some medicine. That’s what you get from going out at night all the time.

Michi: Oh no. I’ve been staying at home recently. I leave whenever I have meetings or school. Lol. This is because of the bad weather…and stress.

M: You’re so good in denying. Lol. Get well.

Michi: Thanks. When is she going to visit you? Introduce her to us, okay?

M: Not a chance. We’re breaking up. Long distance relationships are hard.

Michi: Really?

M: Really. It’s sad but it’s the right thing to do.

Michi: Oh my. Can’t you do something about it? Remedy, perharps?

M: I don’t like to make things difficult for myself that’s why I have to let go of things that make my life complicated.

Michi: Well, you have a point. Don’t make it hard for yourself. Free yourself from complications. Choose your stress and battles. (I have to tell these things to myself.)

M: That’s right. Lol. I’m a little annoyed by other people’s advice. I’m already having a hard time and then they keep telling me to fix things and pursue the relationship. They might want to see me suffer.

Michi: Maybe it’s because they want you to salvage the relationship. For example, I can also tell you to fix things because it’s not everyday that you find someone who’s willing to love and accept you. On the other hand, it’s our choice if we want to suffer or make it difficult for ourselves along the way. Not all sacrifices are worth it. Moving on is a brave choice. Sometimes, suffering becomes our comfort zone. We get stucked. Anyway…Lol.

M: It’s better if we minimize the problems. It really is the source of my headaches recently.

Michi: And it doesn’t mean that you care less about the person…or you love him/ her less. It’s just that you chose to love yourself more. Choosing to be happy is pretty much choosing to love yourself more. Go M! Let’s drink soon.

M: Let’s drink now. I’m actually drinking this lambanog. I’m alone right now. This is my only companion.

Michi: Oh my. You’re starting at 2:30 in the afternoon? When I get there, you’ll be wasted already.

M: Let’s drink next time. Get well first, okay?


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