Posted by: Michi | October 26, 2009


Will you be very surprised to know that I am still sick?

Unfortunately, I am only one symptom away from a being a victim of “the flu.” Yes, the kind that has been causing scares around the world. If you’ll think about it, it’s not really life threatening or anything but what’s alarming is the increasing number of victims around the world. What ever happened to our immune system?

So far, I am now experiencing headache, colds, fever, dry cough, sore throat, muscle and joint pains, a little fatigue (I was lying on the couch all day) and loss of appetite (I only ate rice in the morning). I think that the only thing left to do is to consult a doctor and just get this over with.

I have rearranged my schedule from today until the end of the week. Milben and Bert were asking me to treat them on Friday. I promised them a month ago but we all got very busy. I asked them if we could move it this weekend. I haven’t told them about my case. I don’t want to solicit any unwanted reactions from them.

Anyway, I think another Neozep-induced sleep would help me relax later tonight. Oh, I hope that this is just a classic case of flu.


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