Posted by: Michi | October 17, 2009

Where have your feet taken you lately?

Mine have taken me to interesting and strange places and allowed me to meet unforgettable faces. Truth be told, my feet are a little tired. And so they found their way to a happy place…

Footspa ahhhh...

Footspa ahhhh...

Meet my right foot and its caretaker- Ms. Lyn! 😉

After a walk along grove, I decided to drop by at Metrohair to get a manicure-pedicure combo. But instead of just getting a mani-pedi, I ended up availing their basic foot spa with manicure and pedicure. I think that it’s a well-deserved treat for myself. How can you not love the foot scrub, the yummy smell of the lotion and the gentle foot massage? I almost fell asleep on the comfy couch as Ms. Lyn massaged my feet.

Afterwards, I got my toenails painted…

Color me Kohl

Color me Kohl

I really like the black color on my nails. I do get other colors, of course but black is classic. No, wait, white is classic…black is forever. It’s chic, timeless and it adds a little edge to the overall look. Talk about a li’l spunk!

After pampering my feet, I was more than ready to hit the road again. It’s nice to give our feet some TLC every now and then. After all, our feet take us to different places- literally and figuratively! Don’t you think that it would be great to have feet that are ready for a long journey? 😉


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