Posted by: Michi | October 8, 2009

Before hitting the sack

I am still downloading some chic software that’s why I’m still up.

It’s raining at the moment and much as I want to pull the “I’m singing in the rain” attitude, I can’t help but think of those people who are still in evacuation centers. Typhoons are beginning to be more traumatic now more than ever.

I do want to post this picture though…

Singing in the rain??

Singing in the rain??

…the good, old days when people happily plays (and sings) under the rain.

Okay, to cut the gloomy mood…you know what’s nice to do during a rainy day? Eat cupcakes.



Notice how cupcakes are being extra special these days? You know, with all the themes, designs and embellishments that goes with it? Not to mention the yummy flavors and toppings! How divine!

Dad has been craving for cupcakes the whole day. But we were all so busy to grab some, that’s why I’ll head to Micha’s  tomorrow to get some for the family. Oh, the joys the cupcakes bring!


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