Posted by: Michi | October 6, 2009


My ever so reliable PC  is in deep slumber tonight. In other words…it’s not working. I don’t know why. I’m not an expert on computers so I can’t diagnose it. What happens is it just freezes when the screen shows “Microsoft Windows.” It doesn’t continue to boot or whatever. It’s just a bit baffling because it’s like a powerful PC and it has never let me down…except tonight? Well, I hope that it’s just resting. I don’t like it when you’ve become heavily reliant on something and then one day, you wake up and realize that it can no longer give you what you need.

I’m still talking about the PC. 😉

Thank God for my laptop. Still, some of the files I need are in the PC. Why is it that when you need something so badly, the universe somehow conspires against you and makes your life a little harder? Like a traffic jam when you’re already late? Or a slow internet connection when you have to download something really fast?

But I guess that’s the beauty of it. There’s a certain amount of wisdom that we gain when we don’t easily get what we want or when we don’t usually have things our way. 😉


Reliance is such a heavy word. It entails a lot of maturity and commitment. I am no longer talking about the PC.

My ex-boyfriend added me on Facebook today. Suprise, surprise. I was able to chat with him earlier and again, he apologized for being “immature” before. I laughed for awhile but then I apologized too. I told him that we were younger that time and although we thought that we had the maturity to make things work, the truth is, we still have a lot to learn. I admit, I was such a big grudge-holder that time. But I was highly emotional because I didn’t want to lose someone great. After all, he is a good man. As soon as the emotions subsided, I knew that I was ready to forgive him. It’s not very difficult to do that because he really didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t cheat on me. He respected my family a lot. And he was always patient with my moodswings.

Anyway…we couldn’t rely on each other that time because we had different goals and priorities. It’s clear to us now. We weren’t cut out for those roles. Nevertheless, I am still thankful that I met someone like him. He has a girlfriend now and I sincerely wish them the best. 🙂


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