Posted by: Michi | October 2, 2009

The Agonizing Minutes

…of threading, that is!

As they say- no pain, no gain.

As they say- no pain, no gain.

I have always been afraid to try threading. Why? Because it’s painful! It’s the art of using, err, threads to beautify the eyebrows. It shapes and prevents the brow from growing back too fast. I gave it a try when I was staying in Quezon City. It was like a masochistic move to suppress an emotional pain. It was like a diversion, perhaps. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I tried eyebrow threading at Mary Pauline’s Salon Express and loved the results! I dropped by every month to get it done. I love that it’s not an eyebrow overkill! LOL. Now that back I’m in Laguna, I gave David’s Salon a shot.

Here’s how the two salons differ:

In  Mary Pauline Express Salon…

Mary Pauline Salon, Visayas Avenue, QC

Mary Pauline Salon, Visayas Avenue, QC

*Threading doesn’t take that much time yet the result is very good.

*The threading expert starts on the upper part of the brows (which is less painful than the lower portion). This is good for me because it’s like a preparation for a more painful process later on.

*The process gives neck strains since it’s done while I’m sitting.

In David’s Salon…

David's Salon

David's Salon

*The threading expert puts some sort of powder to moisten the brows.

*Threading is done while lying down. Comfy!

*Price is more reasonable but the result isn’t sacrificed.

*The threading expert massages the brow part afterwards.

*Threading is a bit more longer. DEFINE PAIN!

Both Mary Pauline and David’s Salon satisfy my expectations despite the uncomfy points I stated above. I’m just very happy that I found a nearby salon that’ll substitute the service I had from Mary Pauline.

Indeed, the things we do for beauty!


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