Posted by: Michi | September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy/ Ketsana

This typhoon devastated most areas of Luzon. It spared no one- rich or poor. It’s wrath was felt by people from all walks of life. Hundreds were left homeless and others remain missing.

I received a message tonight from Vernice who told me that most of her friends lost their belongings. These people hail from the middle to upper class of the society.

These pictures are the aerial views of the damage brought about by Typhoon Ondoy.

Areas near Pasig River

Areas near Pasig River

Areas near Marikina River

Areas near Marikina River

Look at that!

Look at that!

Despite the losses, the “Bayanihan” Spirit dominated the Filipinos. There’s no shortage of efforts in helping those in dire needs. Sadly, some people who helped the trapped victims eventually became casualties as well. My heart goes to them and to those they left behind. One of them is Muelmar Magallanes. An 18-year old man who saved 30 people but then died after saving a baby and her mother. This is his story

I’m sure that there are still many unsung heroes in these dire moments. Big corporations to anonymous individuals both here and abroad have been pledging for help either in kind or cash in order to help those who have been affected by the typhoon. Together, I’m sure that we can win this battle.

Those who live in Metro Manila can drop off their donations in these areas:

Drop off points

Drop off points


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