Posted by: Michi | September 24, 2009

Of meetings and butt-damaging rides.

I’m finally home after the butt-damaging 10-hour travel the other day.

It was extra-tiring for me because I only had about three hours of sleep before the trip itself. The road leading to our destination was zigzag so I couldn’t really sleep inside the car. I had another cup of coffee during our breakfast stopover but it didn’t work for me. I wanted more coffee but since it’s a diuretic, I couldn’t afford to pee every now and then.

Villa Paraiso

Villa Paraiso

We had our meeting at 2 in the afternoon. Afterwards, we immediately shifted locations for another set of meeting-slash-dinner at Villa Paraiso.

With Dr. Ken Go

With Dr. Ken Go

Dr. Ibay, Dr. Ken Go and Ms. Cleo

Dr. Ibay, Dr. Ken Go and Ms. Cleo



Dr. Ken took us home. I was very tired and sleepy. I arrived home at 12 midnight. I looked as though I have no more energy left in my body. Yesterday, to counter the stress, I had a very relaxing massage. It’s a well-deserved one after what I’ve been through the other day.


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