Posted by: Michi | September 11, 2009

Of good news and such

Ms. Cleo and I went to Parañaque yesterday for a meeting with Dr. Kenneth

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan- Go of Zuellig Foundation

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan- Go of Zuellig Foundation

Hartigan Go of Zuelling Foundation. There were two basic agendas during the meeting- business development model and my social advocacy module.

I’m currently involved with CARD-MRI. I am doing a module on generic medicine for their members. For the past month, I’ve been researching, attending meetings, and working with Dr. Ken and Ms. Cleo regarding this module. I’ve been trying my best to be really creative yet substantial.

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but be extremely happy when Dr. Ken praised my work. He said that it was “perfect.” According to him, it was very interactive but at the same time, very straightforward. 🙂 Personally, it really meant a lot when he said that. He’s well-respected in his field that it really is such an honor to have been praised by someone like him.

Well, I really gave it my best shot but I’m not sure if it’s PERFECT. I still need to add some key messages, finish three more modules and translate all eight modules in Tagalog. I’m sensing a busy week ahead.


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