Posted by: Michi | September 3, 2009


I had a very interesting day.

I woke up early to prepare myself for a meeting. I kept snoozing my alarm because I didn’t want to leave my bed yet. I wanted to sleep. But Quezon City, my meeting place, is two and a half hours from where I live…so I really had no choice but to drag myself off my bed.

I couldn’t drive to Manila by myself. I’d say that I am not yet “fit” for Manila’s road system. In short, I took the bus. I’m not very fond of buses but I do like thinking or reflecting whenever I’m inside the bus. I put my earphones on, play my favorite tracks and ponder on different things.

There was an extremely heavy traffic between Sucat and Ortigas. I thought that I was off-schedule already but because of some miracle, I made it on time. Vernice and I had lunch at Serye. That’s where we had our meeting.

We talked about our plans in life. And, ofcourse, we talked about the kind of work that I’ll be doing in case I accept the offer. As we discuss my role, I can already imagine the challenges and the many possibilities that the job might entail. These are the reasons why I still can’t sleep this time.

How often do 23 year-old girls get the chance to be offered with this groundbreaking job?

I was actually moved by Vernice’s words. She said that I’m different from most of my peers. She said that I think more forward compared to the others. She mentioned that I tend to invest on myself more instead of just going for the money.

In any case, if I’ll accept the offer, my role would be more on communication and management. I’ll also handle the industries or proponents related to the department.  And, yes, we’ll be working closely with the “captain of the boat”…the overall director- Lito Atienza.

I’m still weighing the pros and cons. But I need to decide until tomorrow. Sigh.


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