Posted by: Michi | August 29, 2009

SILENCE: Presswork Going on!

Now that I brought about my good friend, Karms…I can’t help but remember college!

turn-write-logoLB Times is a community newspaper produced by students of Devc 123. I swear I would never forget our stint as writers and editors of our own newspaper. Here’s an excerpt from my Multiply blog entitled “Yes, I turned WRITE, too.”

I knew I was going to be a DevJourn major as soon as I entered my first year in college.

I knew it all along. I felt it in me. I have it in me. But then I held back (for a while). We tend to hold back- out of fear (of profs, assignments, and writing itself). It’s like an itch that needs scratching. That’s why I let go of my fears and turned write.

Much as I wanted to send Candy my pictures at work and how devjourn helped me in my present career, I was still in Palawan back then and internet was not available. Too bad! But I was very happy that there’s a movement going on which encourages students to TURN WRITE. True, we were always behind in quantity- but NEVER in QUALITY.

Yes, being a DevJourn major served as my edge that’s why I bagged my current work (with the help of Sir Grande, ofcourse). Journ honed my skills and made them as though they were parts of me (that’s why I don’t feel pressured whenever I’m asked to do certain tasks). Our mentors also taught us important values and ethics that transcend beyond the four corners of the room. And I’m glad that they’re always there to back us up- internship, work, etc.


That’s me wearing the green jacket.  Surrounding me are Benson, Meg, JP,  Karms and Borj! We’re working very,  very HARD!


All work and no play?

We can’t possibly do that. So here we are…with all our mights (LOL)…smiling and posing for the camera despite stress and lack of sleep. Welcome to the land of the eyebags!


Time to get serious again!

I am very proud, but at the    same time humbled, by the  chance they gave me as one  of the newspaper’s features  editor. But tight editing can  really  drain you! As in!!!

My best-est friends right now are also my co-majors. We got close during Devc123, yep, LB Times. Intelligent conversations. Coffee breaks. Overnights. Nothing bonds friends better than LB Times (despite all the drama that comes with it). I’m very proud to say that these people are some of the best things that happened to me. And I’ve already decided to keep them for life.


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