Posted by: Michi | August 28, 2009

Today’s Mood…

private_4d5a4141a0f4027dfdaf1f28d515a22924c1adb6f5383f0f7698121f03ab911fl I just miss Karms. It’s been     a REALLY long while since     we last saw each other. And   by REALLY long, I meant      two years! It’s just that with  all the changes in our lives, I  can’t help but miss her a lot.  I miss her company- her  loud voice, her stories, and  her unusual way of making  you feel better. You see,  she’s a crazy girl. But I love her to bits!

We’ve been  planning this trip but our schedules usually get in the way. I can really use her “cheers.” I want to tell her the recent twist and turns in my life. We get to text or chat sometimes. But nothing beats a good old conversation over a cup of coffee.

Karmina Tam, I miss you.



  1. Awwww…
    I miss you too dear…
    Hope we could get together soon.

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