Posted by: Michi | August 6, 2009

The Woman in Yellow

Sir Brion stopped us from leaving just yet. He said, “Teka lang” and then allowed the crowd to leave Letran’s gymnasium. After awhile, a woman in yellow came approaching. It was all too fast. Before I knew it, I was next to an icon and we were being photographed together. It was my very brief personal moment with the late Corazon Aquino.


I was a giddy highschool senior then. As head of the Laguna Catholic Schools Association, I was fortunate enough to be invited in a “prayer power” event hosted by Letran- Calamba. Leading the rosary was former President Corazon Aquino. With her were representatives from Catholic schools and institutions around Laguna.

I was able to see our printed photos during my next visit at Letran. Digital cameras weren’t popular back then so I had to wait for the film to be developed. I looked horrible, really. Eyebags. Oily skin. Weight loss. I wish I could get hold of that picture again…soon, I hope.

My mum is a big follower of Ninoy and Cory. She was already six months pregnant during the EDSA revolution. The six-month me kept her from joining the People Power. Because of her situation, she bought a “Ninoy shirt” instead and rallied in her home.


It’s not so difficult to grasp why millions of Filipinos are saddened by Tita Cory’s demise. Imagine the sacrifices she made to restore democracy in our country. Imagine the broken Philippines that she had to mend soon after.

She often declares herself as a “plain housewife.” But, really…a home is not so much of a home without a mom. She was not just a mother to her children…she became a mother to millions of Filipinos.

She is indeed a beacon of hope and faith. I’m sure that her legacy will continue on.

yellow ribbon


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