Posted by: Michi | July 14, 2009

Before someone ruined my Sunday night…

It was family day as my cousins Patricia and Julliana crashed the Arcangel household. Their parents are both abroad. Their mum, my dad’s sister, is in Canada while their dad is in, err, Afghanistan.

These kids are the usual recipients of my learnings in Child Psychology- a social science elective that I took during my final semester in college. According to Lev Vygotsky, play is important in a child’s development. “Henceforth play is such that the explanation for it must always be that it is the imaginary, illusory realization of unrealizable desires. Imagination is a new formation that is not present in the consciousness of the very raw young child, is totally absent in animals, and represents a specifically human form of conscious activity. Like all functions of consciousness, it originally arises from action.” (Vygotsky, 1978)

That’s why last Sunday, as we helped Patricia on her homework, we also took a creative spin on “play.”

painter Nanastation

Our makeshift paint station

Work and Play

All work and play!

Nana's Art

Tada! Nana’s piece of art!

Patty's Work!

Patty’s Art work!

Nana and Mummy

Nana shows off her work to my mum.

how sweet!

The kids call my mum “ngangay.” Patty couldn’t pronounce “nanay” when she was younger. Now, everyone calls my mum “ngangay” and my dad “kakay.”

It was a super fun and creative Sunday for all of us! Who knows, maybe Patty and Nana will turn out to be artists in the future?!


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