Posted by: Michi | July 12, 2009

OU girl, officially.

Last Friday, Momma, Tito Ronnie, Kuya Toto (our driver) and I headed to the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) to follow up my admission on a short course program. The kind security guard pointed me to the registrar regarding my concern. The registrar, on the other hand, instructed me to go to the third floor to look for Mr. Larry Cruz. I was greeted by a nice lady and was told to wait for a while. After a few minutes, a man entered the room and the nice lady said that I was there for the P.E.D. It was Mr. Larry Cruz. I handed him my admission papers and asked him if I could just bring the necessary credentials after a few days. He kindly said that I could just bring them on the 25th during the first day of class. So there, I am now officially a student…again!

On our way home, mum asked us to stop by D ORIGINAL buko pie because she’s been craving for one. She also asked Tito Ronnie to buy fresh milk and kesong puti.

Michi's merienda


I bought some pandesal from Pan de Manila to complete the meal. Mum prepared me this merienda. Comfort food, indeed. You should try these yummy treats too!

Abel got me this Biko last week. I kept it refrigerated for awhile. It’s really yummy. I didn’t know where he bought this but mum and I enjoyed it.

Biko from Abelyummy biko

Biko is rice cake with caramel toppings. It’s a Filipino desert or kakanin made up of malagkit or glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar and topped with latik. Maybe I should try doing this, too.

The other day, I made a refrigerated cake for my sister, Chini. She was down with flu and she requested her favorite Graham Cake, so I made her one. I spoiled the kid, you know. I also have my culinary dreams in mind. After OU, perhaps? LOL. My dad would kill me. He has been bugging me regarding my masters and all. We’ll see. 😉


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